Local SEO Services

Shumba SEO provides industry-leading Search Engine Optimization in Chino Hills. Trust our experts to meet your Local SEO marketing needs and contact Shumba today!

High-Quality Local SEO Marketing Solutions

Shumba SEO can provide your business with valuable local SEO services in Chino Hills. With the help of our SEO strategies, we’ve seen small businesses grow as their brand awareness increases and new leads and prospects are able to find their website. But what is the value of local SEO? How does it differ from National SEO?

Let’s Talk Local SEO!

Local SEO Targeting

Local SEO targets a specific geographical region and homes in on audiences that are searching for goods or services in that specific location. Many times, a precise “geotarget” yields more success with SEO because, by including the name of a location within content, local businesses can target the individuals who are using that specific geotarget in their search. Our SEO marketing team understands the perfect way to market your business and how your custom SEO strategy can target the “low-hanging fruit” in your neighborhood, city, or county.

When you work with Shumba, we work hard to see that your brand thrives, and we have the tools to get you there. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Every month, add at least five newly ranking keywords that appear on the first two pages of a Google search. This will help you achieve successful, long-term growth in your online visibility.


  • As your business is beginning to rank for new keywords each month, we will ensure that your currently-ranking keywords are boosted — moving up each month, all due to a brilliant SEO Strategy.